Unraveling the Mystery: Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer?

Joseph Patrick Kenda was an extraordinary investigator for 23 years with Colorado Springs Police Department’s lieutenant division and boasted an exceptional 92% success rate when conducting 387 manslaughter investigations, of which 356 cases he solved (an impressive success rate!). Now retired and living in San Antonio, Texas, Kenda shares his investigations on Investigation Discovery through “Manslaughter Hunter,” his show dedicated to manslaughter investigations aired weekly, showcasing all he experienced while on investigations for various crimes he conducted!.Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer?

Kenda’s success rate at solving crimes is remarkable and speaks to his dedication, expertise, and experience in his field of policing in the Colorado Springs Police Department. With 92% success rates, given the complexity of cases he was assigned to solve over his tenure there, he honed his abilities to track criminals down, making him one of the finest officers in this specialty in his field. Kenda earned tremendous respect from peers as well as members of the public for his achievements which earned him many admirers.

Kenda’s show “Manslaughter Hunter” on Investigation Discovery has quickly become one of the network’s most-watched programs, with an 8.8 out of 10, marking IMDb as having achieved their highest viewer rating performance.does joe kenda have cancer

does joe kenda have cancer

Joseph Patrick Kenda’s career with the Colorado Springs Police Department proves his dedication and skill in solving crimes. His hit actual crime show “Manslaughter Hunter” has garnered widespread fanfare, drawing huge audiences into each story told onscreen – earning him immense esteem from viewers around the globe.does joe kenda have cancer

Is Joe Kenda Suffering From Cancer?

Rumors persist about whether Joe Kenda, a retired lieutenant investigator for the Colorado Springs Police Department and star of the TV show “Homicide Hunter,” is suffering from cancer. Some speculate his nasal scarring might indicate malignancy, but there’s no direct proof to back this speculation up. Kenda hasn’t addressed these reports publicly and appears in good health, spending quality time with his wife and children.

Kenda has enjoyed an accomplished career as a law enforcement professional and on television. After leaving law enforcement in 1994, he made his television debut in 1996 with “Homicide Hunter,” premiering in 2011. Kenda is working on a new show called “American Detective,” set for launch in 2021; additionally, he wrote his autobiographical book, Executer Triggers, which explores his experiences during law enforcement duties.

Kenda and his wife have not commented on its source or possible causes; fans have speculated about its origin; many suspect it stemmed from dog bites, hits to his face, or failed attempts at piercing to make Kenda more convincing during an investigation. However, neither party has spoken up publicly regarding these circumstances regarding Kenda’s scar.does joe kenda have cancer

Overall, this article gives some background information about Joe Kenda’s life and career while dispelling rumors and speculation regarding his health status and nose scarring.

What is the Reason Joe Kenda is Leaving the Show?

does joe kenda have cancer

Joe Kenda announced his exit from “Homicide Hunter” following its ninth season, citing personal reasons as his reason. It was his idea to end the show and inform Discovery. Kenda explained he had told all the desired stories and was prepared to move on to other matters. Kenda stated in an interview that he felt as if he had accomplished everything on the show set out, as well as thanked both viewers and the production team for all their support over time. Although leaving “American Detective,” which premiered in 2021, he has continued working on other projects such as writing novels & screenplays (notably “Escaped Prison”) that are being produced now.does joe kenda have cancer

Does Joe Kenda Have a Daughter?

does joe kenda have cancer

Joe Kenda does not appear to have any daughters; instead, he has two sons named Dan and Kris, Dan being an ex-U.S.N. commander while Kris is an Air Force major.does joe kenda have cancer

Both Dan and Kris, Joe’s sons, have successfully established careers in the military while appearing alongside their wives on “Homicide Hunter.” On February 6, 2019, during an episode titled “Married to the Job,” both appeared with their wives to talk about growing up around homicide detective father Joe and share experiences about serving in the military.does joe kenda have cancer

On January 29, 2020, in the series finale of “Homicide Hunter,” Dan and Kris appeared alongside their father as he looked back over his career as a detective, saying goodbye to viewers of his show and reflecting on its viewers.

Joe Kenda does not appear to have any daughters; all information suggests he only has two sons – Dan and Kris – who have both supported his career and appeared on his show.does joe kenda have cancer

Does Kenda Wear a Wig?

Joe Kenda himself or any reliable sources have not confirmed reports claiming he wears wigs to enhance his looks; any claims otherwise are likely unsubstantiated rumors or falsehoods.

Has become well-known for his distinguished short haircut and clean-shaven appearance throughout his career as a police officer and television show presenter, appearing at public events with this look, with no signs of wearing a wig visible anywhere on him.

May have made remarks in jest about wearing wigs; however, without concrete evidence to support such claims, it would be inaccurate to state he wears them frequently.does joe kenda have cancer


Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer? Joseph Patrick Kenda, a retired lieutenant investigator from Colorado Springs Police Department and now the host of Investigation Discovery’s show Manslaughter Hunter devoted solely to his investigations, is well known for his remarkable 92% success rate when solving manslaughter investigations. 356 out of 387 solved! Kenda now shares this expertise on IMDb at 8.8/10 for viewer ratings!

Furthermore, neither Kenda nor his wife has commented on what caused its formation, leaving speculation and questions about its source.

Kenda made public his departure from “Homicide Hunter” after its ninth season for personal reasons and having accomplished everything on the show. Since then, he has worked on other projects, such as premiering “American Detective” in 2021 and writing novels and screenplays.

Kenda has two sons, Dan and Kris, but no daughters. Both sons have established careers in the military and made appearances on “Homicide Hunter,” along with their wives. While rumors suggest Kenda wears a wig without proof from reliable sources, these claims likely remain false.does joe kenda have cancer

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