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The Del Mar Theatre in Santa Cruz, California
“Movie Houses of Worship” is a recurring segment where we highlight the cinemas that we consider to be temples of cinema that serve the most devout film geeks. Samantha Wilson, a member of FSR, picked one of her favorite movies for this week. Please send an email to our weekend editor if you’d like to recommend or contribute a venue where you frequently worship at the shrine of cinema.Santa cruz movies

Location of the Del Mar Theatre: 1124 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz, California

opened on 14 August 1936

The Del Mar hosts the fantastic Midnight Movies series on Fridays and Saturdays. This past weekend, they screened Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and V/H/S/2.

For instance, admission to the Anchorman screenings costs $5 for anyone sporting a genuine or artificial mustache.santa cruz movies

The Del Mar’s

annual Secret Film Festival, a 12-hour nonstop (almost; there are a few pee breaks) film festival held every April, is its best and brightest offering.

On a Saturday, screenings begin at midnight, and on the following Sunday, at noon, fatigued but startled moviegoers stumble back into the sunshine. Anyone visiting Santa Cruz needs to do it; it’s fascinating and tiring.

covered the film

I previously covered the film festival in my capacity as a local entertainment reporter, with crazy consequences. Your notes begin to become a bit shaky about 7:00 am, and when you ask your sources why they enjoyed their most recent film so much, they begin laughing wildly.

No matter how much coffee you consume before going to the theater, your efforts will be in vain. It’s like a midnight movie, sleep party, and industry screening all packed into one ideal package.

Special Events

The Secret Film Festival alone, in my opinion, qualifies as a special event, but the Del Mar also hosts a sizable number of other events throughout the year. Then there are amazing second runs that they just feel like presenting to a fresh audience, as well as special screenings that come with Q&A sessions (like the On the Road showing that I explain below).santa cruz movies

Additionally, The Del Mar often sponsors live broadcasts of well-liked theatrical performances. In June, NTLive aired The Audience, featuring Helen Mirren [this morning is an encore performance of Othello]. The theater also organizes a ton of themed special programming around its new releases; for instance,

when Hitchcock played last year, you could watch Psycho for free as part of a special package deal.Santa cruz movies

The Del Mar Theater is a location

where people really like movies, which is why this is where I worship. And while saying that about a movie theater may seem silly or obvious, what I really mean to say is that if you visit the Del Mar, you’ll be in the company of hundreds of other moviegoers who share your enthusiasm for spending two hours in a theater watching a new release.Santa cruz movies santa cruz movies

The crew is knowledgeable about the movies being screened and is just as anxious to talk about them afterward as you are. It’s a theater that serves as its own small neighborhood while still being accessible to anyone who just wants to drop by.Santa cruz movies

Also, it is really stunning. The theater was erected in the 1930s and has been properly restored to conserve its elegance, although I’m not sure how to define

Oh, how dedicated they are to the concessions.

Moviegoers may enjoy their fill of healthful delicacies while attending the Secret Film Fest, including peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches, cereal, pop tarts, pastries, and chocolate-covered espresso beans.

Or fruit, if you want that. Along with the usual popcorn and candy game, they occasionally provide special movie-themed snacks during normal concessions.santa cruz movies

Additionally, a huge variety of vegan delights are readily accessible. Nobody from the audience was left out.

Last Word

There isn’t much more you could ask for in a movie theater than a beautiful location, a close-knit community of movie lovers, and a genuine enthusiasm for providing movies to the public.

I strongly advise everyone in the neighborhood to at the very least stop by for a cookie and a first-run showing at The Del Mar since it goes above and beyond in every element of the cinematic experience.

the architectural style

Although virtually delicate, it is elaborate, vibrant, and stunning to see. One of the first things you see upon entering downtown Santa Cruz is the neon Del Mar marquee, and although I no longer reside there, I found it to be so reassuring to see it at night. It acts as a beacon to lead you back home.santa cruz movies

Recent Notable Screening

. Regardless of your opinions on the movie, hearing from those who actually knew Cassady about his real-life experiences and what he would have thought of the movie were both a big delight.


In Santa Cruz, California, the Del Mar Theatre is more than just a movie house; it is a shrine to cinema that draws devoted movie buffs.santa cruz movies

It is a well-liked location for cinema enthusiasts thanks to its Midnight Movies series, yearly Secret Film Festival, special events, and informed staff.Santa cruz movies

The theater’s commitment to maintaining its magnificent architecture, presenting a variety of concessions, and delivering refreshments with movie themes enhances the total cinematic experience. A trip to the Del Mar is like joining a small group of people who are all passionate about movies.

If you ever find yourself in the area, drop by for a first-run showing and take advantage of the distinctive cinematic experience it provides.Santa cruz movies.santa cruz movies

In conclusion

The Del Mar Theatre in Santa Cruz, California, is a temple of cinema that draws a committed fan base of moviegoers and is more than just a movie theater. The theater is dedicated to upholding its wonderful architecture, offering a range of concessions, and providing refreshments with movie themes, all of which improve the whole cinematic experience.

The Del Mar offers a singular cinematic experience that is unmatched with its Midnight Movies series, annual Secret Film Festival, and special events.santa cruz movies.

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