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A middle school

boy-centric R-rated comedy can be created in one of two ways. One version is an R-rated movie where the boys can be used as substitutes for adults. The other is an R-rated Goonies-style film. Good Boys fits into the latter group, and as a result, it is really endearing, occasionally amusing, and has a lot of heart.movies like good boys

The beanbag boys

are Thor (Brady Noon), Lucas (Keith L. Williams), and Max (Jacob Tremblay). They had been childhood best friends and did everything together. Max wants his group to accompany him when he accepts an invitation to the cool kid’s house for a kissing party. However, he soon finds that he lacks basic kissing skills.

The lads research porn while doing CPR

on their parent’s CPR dummy in an effort to educate themselves. They don’t work out so well. To see how the neighbors kiss, they use Max’s dad’s drone to spy on the people next door.

The situation changes, though, and leads to not just a wrecked drone that Max must fix before his father gets home so that he can still attend the party but also a full-fledged conflict with the two college-aged ladies whose Molly the boys unintentionally captured.

The beanbag lads now have to put in some effort to fix the drone, reach a settlement with the neighbors, and still make it to the kissing party.movies like good boys

A Hilarious and Heartfelt Coming-of-Age Story

With cringe-worthy slapstick and the humor that youngsters use bad words and find adult stuff, Good Boys seizes the chance to embrace the filthier comedy that its premise generates. But it never fails to remind us that its key characters are in middle school. It doesn’t attempt to make kids more sophisticated or informed than a 12-year-old would be in reality.

Because they are just preteens, the youngsters strive to be provocative and swear, but they never truly comprehend what any of those things mean. They are curious about kissing females and going to parties, but that doesn’t imply they have ceased being children who weep when they are upset, want their mother’s approval to visit other people’s homes, and believe beer tastes bad.

The movie is able to include a lot more emotion and significance into the boy’s trips as a result of realizing this, turning it into a coming-of-age narrative where character takes precedence over spectacle rather than just another R-rated comedy.

A Heartwarming Coming-of-Age Story with Positive Themes About Consent

The movie also does a great job of including uplifting themes about relationships and consent, which sounds like a no-brainer and essential component of making a good coming-of-age comedy, but since it is so seldom represented, it actually seems commendable here.

Although the beanbag guys aren’t entirely sure how to kiss a female, they are aware that, more than anything, the girl must initially want to kiss you and give her approval. The tale takes a moment for Lucas to mention this, but it doesn’t trivialize it or have the other lads dismiss him as weak and continue. Lucas is the first of the boys to bring this to their attention.

Rather, it is a theme that runs through the entire movie and is a commendable addition to a tale about young guys discovering kissing and relationships.

movies like good boys

A Heartfelt Comedy with Quotable Moments and Endearing Friendship Themes

Most endearing of all, though, are the guys’ open displays of affection for one another and their sensitivity to maintaining their identity as the beanbag boys. Tremblay, Williams, and Noon give outstanding performances as a dynamic trio that truly propels the narrative’s emotional weight and heightens its themes of friendship and what happens to childhood friendships as you get older.

In terms of its potential quotability, Good Boys, like previous school comedies before it, might quickly become a movie that offers innumerable pop culture allusions in the years to come.

Naturally, many of the jokes are crude, and some of them are awkward enough to veer between laughter and grimaces. R-rated comedy qualifies. However, it also approaches its concept with just the right amount of heart and humor as a narrative about friendships and growing up in addition to this.


Good Boys is an amusing and heartwarming R-rated comedy that combines crude humor and positive themes about relationships and consent. The movie portrays preteens realistically, emphasizing their curiosity and attempts to act mature while still being children who seek their mother’s approval and believe that beer tastes bad.

he film is a coming-of-age narrative that highlights the importance of maintaining healthy relationships and obtaining consent before engaging in physical activities. Tremblay, Williams, and Noon’s performances are outstanding and convey the emotional weight of the narrative, emphasizing the themes of friendship and growing up.

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