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Kyle Forgeard Net Worth: How did Kyle amass a $1.5 million fortune?

well-liked YouTube channel

NELK, Canadian YouTuber Kyle Forgeard has established himself as a prominent figure in the entertainment sector. He has established a sizable fan base over the years and has acquired a million dollars thanks to his internet endeavors. Kyle has been making content for a long time and is well-known for having a positive attitude that connects with his followers all around the world.kyle forgeard net worth

Kyle Forgeard has amassed a net worth in the millions as a result of the popularity of his YouTube channel, NELK. He and his buddies co-founded the prank group in 2015, and since then, the channel has evolved to become one of the most well-liked ones on the internet. The charisma of Kyle and his capacity to captivate his audience with his work are key factors in the success of the ensemble.

Kyle is a member

of Full Send Entertainment, a business that he and his NELK colleagues co-founded, in addition to his work on NELK. A firm with several facets, Full Send Entertainment focuses on creating content, products, and live events. The business has developed into a significant force in the entertainment sector and has contributed to Kyle’s riches.

kyle forgeard net worth

High-quality content from Full Send Entertainment, which also produces products, live events, and YouTube videos, is well recognized. The success of the business may be credited to Kyle and his partners’ commitment to creating material that appeals to their audience. They have won over millions of admirers all across the world with their carefree, irreverent approach to entertaining.

kyle forgeard net worth

Kyle Forgeard’s accomplishments as a YouTuber and businessman are a result of his perseverance and commitment to excellence. He has devoted years to developing his brand, and he is now one of the most well-known online celebrities. His talent and capacity for building a close relationship with his followers are reflected in his success and net worth.

Early Life

Kyle Forgeard had a very average upbringing. He was born on July 12, 1994, in Mississauga, Ontario, and went to high school like other teens. He enrolled at Ryerson University after graduating to study cinema there.  quickly came to the realization that he was dissatisfied with the conventional educational system and desired to devote his whole time to his love for content development.

kyle forgeard net worth

Kyle was a founding member

of the Nelk YouTube channel while attending Ryerson University.  was a perfect match for the channel because it was first founded as a prankster collective thanks to his enthusiastic nature and sense of humor. Kyle made the decision to drop out of school to concentrate solely on his content creation when the channel swiftly acquired popularity.

One of Kyle’s finest decisions was his choice to stop attending school and devote himself to NELK. He dedicated all of his time and effort to producing videos for the channel, including pranks, vlogs, and advertisements for his company, Full Send Entertainment. Kyle gained notoriety in the entertainment sector as the success of the channel grew.

Kyle’s accomplishments are a result of his perseverance and commitment. He was prepared to take risks to realize his goal since he had a clear idea of what he wanted to build. It was a risky move for him to drop out of school and devote himself to his love for content production full-time, but it ultimately paid off.

kyle forgeard net worth

Kyle Forgeard’s

early years were mostly average, but his choice to forego his studies and devote himself solely to content production was anything but. It was a risky move for him to help found Nelk and devote all of his time and effort to producing content for the channel, but it ultimately paid off. Because of his commitment and perseverance, Kyle was successful, and his legacy will certainly continue to motivate content producers for many years to come.

Kyle Forgeard’s Net Worth

As of 2021, Canadian YouTuber Kyle Forgeard has a net worth of $1.5 million. His popular YouTube channel, Nelk, which he co-founded in college, is the main source of his fortune. Over time, the channel has experienced exponential growth, and Kyle is now well known in the field of video production.

Being able to make dreams come true is one of Kyle’s strengths. His team collaborates with him to realize the creative vision that he communicates with them. As a result, the channel has amassed a sizable following over time. Every view matters, and because Kyle’s content is so interesting, his followers stay watching.

Kyle’s capacity

to develop new possibilities for himself is another element that has aided in his success. For instance, he just introduced a brand-new hard soda named Happy Dad. Nate Diaz, a UFC fighter, even appears to be advertising it, which might eventually contribute to Kyle’s wealth growth.

kyle forgeard net worth

However, Kyle’s achievement did not come without cost. Kyle just presented his father $300,000 in a video on his second channel, Full Send, as a thank-you gift for always being there for him, even after he left college to pursue his ambition of being a content creator. This action demonstrates Kyle’s appreciation for his family and the assistance they have provided him with during his trip.

Overall, Kyle Forgeard’s wealth is a reflection of his laborious effort, originality, and commitment to his profession. On YouTube, he has amassed a sizable fan base and has discovered methods to grow his brand and seize new opportunities. His fortune increases with each watch, and it’s probable that it will continue to do so as more people come across his work and start following him.

kyle forgeard net worth

 He has put a lot of effort into developing his brand and producing interesting material that keeps his followers interested. Kyle’s fortune is probably going to keep increasing as more chances open up, and he will surely keep inspiring content producers all across the world.

Donations and Other Facts

The Nelk Boys and Kyle Forgeard have participated in several philanthropic endeavors and gifts. They provided a $100,000 reward in June 2021 for any information that resulted in the capture of a suspect in a deadly shooting on a California roadway. This action demonstrates their determination to uphold the community’s rights and do honor to them.

In addition

Steve from the organization assisted Kyle Hubert, a homeless guy, in getting his life back on track. Hubert was given a job, an apartment, and $25,000 by Steve, all of which assisted him in getting back on his feet. The Nelk Boys’ thoughtful act demonstrates their concern and understanding for the community’s less advantaged residents.

Additionally, the Nelk Boys have been actively committed to promoting issues like COVID-19 alleviation and breast cancer awareness. They have made use of their platform to promote and sponsor these causes. They worked with the National Breast Cancer Foundation in October 2020, and the proceeds from the sale of their goods helped to generate more than $65,000. This is a great illustration of how they are using their power to advance worthy causes and leave a lasting impression.

The Nelk Boys responded to calls for assistance during the COVID-19 epidemic. They gave the CDC Foundation $50,000 and vital supplies to the Los Angeles homeless population. The Los Angeles City Council acknowledged their efforts and thanked them for their assistance during these trying times.

The Nelk Boys have, over the years, accomplished a number of notable milestones in addition to their humanitarian endeavors. They introduced Happy Dad, their own line of hard seltzer, in 2020, and it quickly gained enormous popularity among their followers. Their inclusion on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in the entertainment category further emphasizes their success and influence in the sector.

In conclusion

Kyle Forgeard and the Nelk Boys have used their position to positively benefit the community in addition to enjoying a great deal of success through their Full Send Entertainment brand and YouTube channel. They show their dedication to giving back and assisting issues they care about via their charity endeavors, contributions, and partnerships with other organizations.

Career of Kyle Forgeard

In 2010, Kyle Forgeard co-founded Nelk alongside the Martinovic twins, Niko and Marko, as a YouTube channel. Forgeard started publishing prank videos, vlogs, and promotional material for his company, Full Send Entertainment, on the Nelk channel while still a film student in college. However, the channel did not really take off until Forgeard aired a video in 2015 in which he made light of the fact that he was driving around on cocaine. The Nelk Boys received thousands of new followers after their video went viral.

The Nelk Boys continued to produce similar content that helped them acquire a following after the popularity of this video. Forgeard’s fame increased as Nelk amassed more than 7 million YouTube members, but he still does not enjoy the same level of notoriety as other YouTube stars like MrBeast. Forgeard, though, is still committed to growing his following and developing his brand.

In addition

to his work with Nelk, Forgeard co-founded the company Full Send Entertainment, which sells items and organizes events like concerts and parties. Forgeard has demonstrated a commitment to give back to the community in addition to producing content. For instance, he and his Nelk Boys associates have contributed money to charities supporting COVID-19 relief and breast cancer awareness, and in June 2021 they offered a $100,000 prize for information leading to an arrest in a deadly shooting that occurred on a California highway.

In general, Forgeard has built his career on his ability to take chances and provide material that connects with audiences. He has developed a profitable business using his platform, and he has demonstrated a dedication to giving back to the neighborhood. Even though he may not be as well-known as some other YouTubers, he has nevertheless found remarkable success and established himself as a rising star in the online video creation industry.

Kyle Forgeard’s Personal Life

Information regarding Kyle Forgeard’s personal life is harder to come by compared to his professional accomplishments and wealth, which are well-known and frequently discussed. It appears that Forgeard wants to keep his private affairs hidden from view. However, there are still many speculations and conjectures concerning his private life.

Forgeard’s alleged single status is one of the most prevalent stories about him. Although he hasn’t explicitly acknowledged or denied this, there is a lot of discussion about it among his fans and supporters. Many people want to know if he’s dating someone right now or not.

Forgeard’s look is another area of discussion. After Forgeard joined Mike Tyson on a podcast, several fans started to think that Forgeard had just had veneers put on his teeth. Although it hasn’t been verified, this shows the level of excitement and focus that Forgeard’s admirers have for his presence.

Despite the absence of knowledge about his private life, Forgeard’s fame and achievements are still rising. Even though we may not know much about Kyle Forgeard’s personal life, it is obvious that he has had a big influence on the world of online entertainment and content development.

Why Did Nelk’s Kyle Go to Jail?

In April 2021, Kyle Forgeard, a member of the well-known YouTube pranksters Nelk, was detained for posing as a security guard at the Grapevine Mills Mall in Tarrant County, Texas. Regional law enforcement detained Kyle for impersonating a security official, which is against the law.

Kyle was arrested and sent to the Tarrant County Jail on suspicion of impersonating a public official, a third-degree felony in the state of Texas. The charge carries a maximum punishment of $10,000 and a potential jail term of two to ten years. On the same day of his arrest, Kyle was nevertheless freed after posting a $750 bail.

Many Nelk followers expressed their support for Kyle and criticized the mall’s security for overreacting to the joke on social media in response to the event. It is crucial to remember that pretending to be a security guard is a severe violation with significant repercussions. Kyle was lucky in this instance to have been freed on bond and will probably need to appear in court to answer for his acts.

Overall, Kyle’s arrest for pretending to be a security guard serves as a warning that practical jokes may have negative repercussions. Before pulling a prank, it’s vital to think about the dangers and repercussions that might result. You should also make sure that everyone involved is aware of the situation and has given their approval.


Kyle Forgeard, a Canadian YouTuber, co-founded the prankster collective Nelk in 2015.Thanks to the success of his YouTube channel and his involvement with Full Send Entertainment, a company he and his Nelk coworkers started, he has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

Kyle’s $1.5 million net worth as of 2021 is a result of his perseverance, ingenuity, and commitment to his line of work. He left Ryerson University to focus solely on Nelk, a hazardous decision that ultimately paid off.

The success of Kyle’s initiatives is mostly due to his charm, dedication, and ability to hold the attention of his audience. He just unveiled a brand-new hard drink called Happy Dad in addition to his work on YouTube and Full Send Entertainment, which may help him increase his riches.

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