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Bert Kreischer Net Worth Career Highlight and Source Of income

Bert Kreischer is a celebrated comedian, actor, television host, and producer widely recognized for his humorous storytelling and outrageous behavior. His fame stemmed from being featured in a Rolling Stone article detailing his college adventures, eventually leading to National Lampoon’s Van Wilder being created as a result.bert kreischer net worth

Thanks to his signature comedic style and international following, Bert has become one of the world’s most celebrated comedians, boasting multiple TV series such as Hurt Bert, Bert the Conqueror, and Trip Flip as hosts or producers, as well as producing several comedy specials – over his 30-plus-year career.

Bert Kreischer has amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $25 Million through his successful comedy, television, and film careers. His book Life of the Party: Stories of a Perpetual Man-Child has increased his earnings exponentially.

Bert is known for his professional achievements and his family life and charitable initiatives, being married with two children and participating in marathons and triathlons as an enthusiastic fitness enthusiast. While known for his wild antics, he remains an easygoing individual with great charitable endeavors behind him.

Bert Kreischer has earned himself an impressive net worth and a dedicated fan base through his unique brand of comedy. His career highlights and personal life reflect this passion through comedy performances, family life, and physical fitness activities.

Bert Kreischer Bio

bert kreischer net worth

Bert Kreischer is an award-winning comedian, actor, television host, and producer born Albert Kreischer Jr. on November 3, 1972, in Tampa, Florida. His family comprised middle-class parents: his father was an attorney specializing in real estate transactions, while his mother managed early childhood development services.

Bert attended Jesuit High School, where he participated in their improv comedy group, before attending Florida State University, where he joined the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity and majored in English. During Bert’s sixth year, The Princeton Review listed FSU first among America’s premier party schools (i.e., party animals)!

“Rolling Stone” magazine noted Bert Kreischer’s college exploits in 1997 with its six-page profile piece entitled, “Bert Kreischer: The Undergraduate.” It documented Bert’s wild behavior at college as the top partyer at the “Number One Party School in the Country.” Eventually, this would inspire “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder,” released two years later.

After graduating college, Bert began performing stand-up comedy, quickly winning over audiences. He soon gained popularity on television programs such as “The X Show,” Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and “The Joe Rogan Experience.” In 2009 he premiered his one-hour special “Bert Kreischer: Comfortably Dumb” on Comedy Central; since then, several more specials, including “The Machine,” Secret Time,” and Hey Big Boy, have followed.

Bert has built his career beyond stand-up comedy, in addition to hosting television programs like “Hurt Bert,” “Bert the Conqueror,” and “Trip Flip.” Additionally, he produced various comedy specials and television programs like “The Cabin with Bert Kreischer” and “The Bertcast.”

Bert Kreischer has become a beloved figure within the entertainment world due to his distinct brand of comedy, outrageous behavior, and larger-than-life personality. While sometimes known for being a party animal, his kindness, generosity, and devotion toward family have won over audiences across generations.

Bert Kreischer’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Bert Kreischer has amassed an estimated net worth of $8 Million. His fortune has been earned through successful comedy, television, and film careers.

Bert’s comedic journey began at Florida State University, where he earned notoriety as a party animal and was featured in a six-page article from Rolling Stone magazine. This led directly to the creation of “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder,” further expanding Bert’s fame.

After college, Bert began performing stand-up comedy and quickly garnered an enthusiastic following. Since then, he has released various specials, such as “Bert Kreischer: Comfortably Dumb,” “The Machine,” Secret Time,” and Hey Big Boy,” that have all proven their value by contributing significantly to his net worth.

Bert has expanded beyond stand-up comedy to host multiple television programs such as “Hurt Bert,” “Bert the Conqueror,” and “Trip Flip.” Additionally, he produced various comedy specials and programs like “The Cabin with Bert Kreischer” and “The Bertcast,” all contributing to his overall net worth.

Bert is also an accomplished author, having published the book, “Life of the Party: Stories of a Perpetual Man-Child,” adding even further to his earnings. Additionally, he hosts his popular podcast show called The Bertcast and has interviewed various celebrity guests as part of its programming.

Bert Kreischer has gained fame through his unique blend of comedy, outgoing personality, and hard work, amassing an estimated net worth of approximately $20 Million. Yet his humble demeanor and charitable endeavors include supporting various causes and organizations despite such wealth accumulation.

Personal Life Of Bert Kreischer

Personal Life Of Bert Kreischer

Bert Kreischer has been married to LeeAnn Kreischer since 2003; LeeAnn is an actress, writer, and podcast hostess who hosts “Wife of the Party.” They share two daughters named Georgia and Ila while living together in Los Angeles.

Bert and LeeAnn initially met while Bert was performing stand-up comedy in Philadelphia’s Union Bar. Soon after, they fell in love, leading LeeAnn to move with Bert to New York City before finally marrying privately in Las Vegas in 2003.

Bert includes references in his comedy routines about his personal life, such as marriage and family matters. While often making light-hearted jokes about his wife’s cooking or their attempts at parenthood with their daughters, Bert often speaks fondly of family time together and looks back fondly upon those memories as part of life’s joyous experiences.

He especially relishes skydiving!

Bert is widely celebrated for his charitable activities. He has raised funds for many causes, such as the American Cancer Society and Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, and supported military programs.

Bert Kreischer lives a balanced personal and professional life with family, adventure, and charity work as an engaged husband and father who embraces life with zestful optimism. Both his personal and professional endeavors reflect these traits beautifully.

Bert Kreischer’s Career

After performing at Potbelly’s Bar in Tallahassee, Bert Kreischer entered stand-up comedy after sending audio recordings of his routines to agents in New York City and receiving invitations to perform there.

In 2001, Kreischer appeared in two comedy movies, “Prepare to Meet Thy Creator” and “Life with David J.”

In 2009, Kreischer made his comedic debut with “Comfortably Dumb,” airing on Comedy Central and hosting the Travel Channel series “Bert the Conqueror,” where he traveled around participating in adventure sports activities across America.

Kreischer has made numerous television appearances, such as those hosted by Rachael Ray, Conan, Late Show with David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Master Debaters with Jay Mohr, Comic Unleashed Last Call with Carson Daly, Lights Out with David Spade, and The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Kreischer has earned

widespread acclaim for his stand-up comedy and television appearances and for providing voiceover work for Nickelodeon’s animated “The Loud House.”

Kreischer has also gained attention thanks to his appearances in other reality shows, like DIY Network’s “Man Caves.” Additionally, since 2012 he has hosted his weekly podcast, Bertcast, and continues his broadcast duties today.

Bert Kreischer has found success across various forms of entertainment, from stand-up comedy and podcasting to stand-up comedy and television hosting. His unique storytelling style and sense of adventure have cemented his standing among his fan base and show no sign of dissipating anytime soon.

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